A Blank Page

There is nothing more promising than a blank page. There is nothing more frightening than a blank page. Authors say that staring at a blank page offers the challenging task of filling it with something someone else will want to read. It is daunting. I disagree. To me a blank page offers hope, a chance to be creative, a space to unload worries, thoughts and hopes. A blank page is the best friend who knows when to be silent. Of course , a blank page waiting for the story of a lifetime that will change the world and every publisher will fight over the saga that comes from it, would be intimidating. Sad to say, I haven’t experienced that yet. The blank page that fills me with trepidation is the page with nothing, the page where I just wrote my finest prose.The page that devoured my morning, but left me with a sense of accomplishment. An improvement, better, a getting there feeling.A page of delightful phrases that has been replaced with nothingness, daring me to find it. The lost file. The accidental deletion. Those blank pages are my nemesis’s.


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  1. My perspective is that the blank page holds so much promise… the possibilities are endless.
    Writer In Transit February Co-host


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