Patricia Becnel

I grew up in the hills of San Bernardino, California where my best friend was my dog, Lassie, where wheelbarrows left in the rain became breeding ground for tadpoles, and where I shunned dolls for the joy of writing.

When I was about nine, I insisted my mother publish my latest book, Who Knows What a Nose Can Do. For some reason, she declined, but my wish to be published never left me. Thinking any writing had to be laced with adventure, I set off to find it after graduating from college. My student teaching in Dublin led me to a year of travels from Ireland to a kibbutz in Israel until my mother called me home from Italy. After teaching for two years, I joined the United States Peace Corps.

Lesotho, a tiny kingdom within the borders of Southern Africa, certainly added to the adventures, most of all, my marriage to a fellow volunteer.

Forty some years later, a teaching career behind me, and three grown children, I have set about to fulfill my lifelong dream-to publish a novel. Funny thing, I didn’t find it in the pages of adventures I have waiting, but in an interesting fact about my mother.